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Talentoday assessments | How do I present the questionnaire to a candidate (or employee), to validate and ensure them that there’s no right or wrong answer?

For candidates and employees, some may fear the questionnaire and associate it with a test to fit a specific profile or criteria. Talentoday Managers can support the member by supplying them with best practices and encouragement. Additionally, they can express that the assessment is mutually beneficial for both the organization and the member in completing the questionnaire (see additional guidance in the lists below).

Best Practices for Taking the Assessment:

  • Avoid referring to the assessment as a test to reduce any predisposed anxiety related to testing.
  • Members are only able to complete the questionnaire every 6 months, so advise them take care in answering questions.
  • Members should complete the questionnaire once they have started it, advise that they so set aside at least 30 minutes with interruption.
  • Complete the questionnaire in a quiet place free of distractions.
  • Encourage their honesty and answering questions based on their instincts.
  • Assure the member that there is no right or wrong answer. If they don’t feel drawn to one answer, choose the one that they can most relate to.

Explaining the Benefits of MyPrint®:

  • Members are able to get to know themselves better and identify areas of professional growth.
  • Organizations can better align the member with opportunities that they are interested in or would be motivated by.
  • Members and Talentoday Managers can use the assessment to gain information that isn’t revealed during an interview or other conversations.
  • Following the assessment, interviews and internal meetings can be used to get to know the member beyond assessment results, plus the detailed report provides Talentoday - Managers guided questions based on individual results.
  • Using the collaboration report, Talentoday Managers will have additional tools to provide an engaging environment and cohesive organization.