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Talentoday Manager subscription | How do I activate my Talentoday Manager subscription?

Here is a quick start guide to activate your Talentoday Manager subscription.

Go to this page. Sign-in or sign-up with your account, if you are already logged-in this step will not be necessary.

Select Talentoday Manager in the panel menu, and click on Open a subscription.

Start by selecting your organization in the list. If it does not exist yet, please create it.

To unlock your Talentoday Manager subscription, you need a valid Activation Code received after buying any Talentoday Manager package on the Talentoday Shop. After purchase, enter the Activation Code received by email.

Finalize your subscription, book your training session and access your Talentoday Manager subscription.

Congratulations! your Talentoday Manager subscription is active, you can now send your first assessment request.