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Talentoday Manager features | What is the GDNA dashboard?

Recruiting and building work teams solely based on hard skills and experience has become inefficient in today’s world.

That’s why Talentoday has created the Group DNA dashboard, available on our Talentoday Manager platform. This dashboard leverages our soft skill data to map the culture of a custom team, company or position and compare individual profiles to it, thus enabling HR players to make smarter moves when it comes to form synergetic and engaged crews.

Now our Group DNA feature goes beyond Culture Fit, and lets you play with 3 essential aspects of workers’ soft skills that are known to fully contribute with today’s company Growth strategies: culture fit, behavioral diversity, and remote working abilities.

We first match for Culture Fit, which ensures workers retention and commitment by looking at how an individual matches with the predominant poles of the GDNA that represent the core values of the targeted team/company.

Second, we match for Behavioral Diversity, which looks at the extent to which an individual brings diversity of thought and a balance of soft skills to the team by analyzing to which extent that person diverges from the predominant poles of the GDNA.

Finally, we calculate Remote Working abilities by looking at the matching results of an individual to our standard “Remote Worker” GDNA.


Of course, you are free to filter any matching results according to either Culture Fit, Behavioral Diversity or Remote Working ability, meaning your decision-making process when recruiting/building a team can be as granular as you want it to be!

Discover how to visualize team connections with the GDNA dashboard.