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Talentoday assessments | How accurate is Talentoday’s assessment?

MyPrint® questionnaire results were calibrated using a large sample (991+), which allows us to standardize and support the psychometric validity of member results.

To establish a reliable psychometric assessment:

  • The assessment’s validity was established using Item Response Theory (IRT) scoring and dimension inter-correlations to ensure that every item, and every dimension, was evaluated in the validity study.
  • Following standards set by The American Psychological Association (APA)–which Talentoday is an affiliate member of–the average score for each item in the questionnaire is .74 based on Cronbach’s Alpha calculation method for finding the estimated reliability of a psychometric assessment.The APA recommends a score greater than or equal to 0.7.
  • The Talentoday team supports ongoing testing and research to ensure that the reliability and validity is accurate and up to date beyond the initial deployment of the MyPrint® assessment.