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We combine the power of psychometrics with predictive algorithms to drive smart employment choices.

Example of the personality of a Group DNA matched with several candidates and the display of the matching percentage. Includes also a highlight of predominant poles with their matching profiles

Behind Talentoday: cutting-edge science and technology

Talentoday provides smart and powerful tools for collecting, leveraging and delivering decisive insights about soft-skill data, based on the latest advancements in psychometrics, predictive data analytics and interactive presentation technology. Talentoday’s goal is to maximize organizational team cohesion and effectiveness by optimizing human capital management processes such as recruitment, team management and career development. The Talentoday team includes experts in psychometrics, neuroscience and data science from around the world.

We collect our data through advanced psychometrics

Talentoday is both a software and a test editor company, meaning that we create our own data collection instruments. Our latest soft-skill assessment is the MyPrint®, a scientific questionnaire exploring individual personality (across 13 dimensions) and motivations (across 11 dimensions) and providing insights through dedicated reports about the way an individual behaves under certain circumstances, especially at work.

The MyPrint® questionnaire is built on the latest advancements in psychometrics. We used the Item Response Theory (IRT) methodology to validate this assessment and to be able to generate highly granular scores, allowing us to emphasize on individual differences. At Talentoday, we indeed believe that each and every person is unique, and our science grants us the ability to deliver millions of different soft-skill profiles through MyPrint®.

You can find more information about the MyPrint® assessment here.

The MyPrint® development has been achieved in complete accordance with the standard practices recommended by the American Psychological Association.

American Psychological Association

Talentoday's psychologists are affiliated members of the American Psychological Association (APA).


Talentoday is furthermore an active member of the International Test Commission (ITC), an international community of scientific experts recommending and promoting the best practices in psychometrics, such as the development of reliable and ethical assessments.

International Test Commission

Talentoday is one of the 65 affiliate members of the International Test Commission (membership ID: A0168).


We leverage our data through razor-sharp analytics

Talentoday harnesses the power of predictive data analytics to improve human capital management processes. There are indeed millions of soft-skill combinations that can make an individual be the best fit for, and thus better engaged in, a particular team, organization, position or career. The Talentoday team tackles this challenge by continually developing predictive algorithms that screen our soft-skill data (those are voluntarily shared by our members) to identify the discriminant behavioral characteristics of specific populations.

This is how we create our Target Profiles for instance: we define the typical soft-skill profile of a given position, team, business unit or even company, and then allow professionals to promptly determine the individuals whose soft-skills match those of the established profile, hence helping them to predict how a candidate would fit their organizational culture.

You can find more information about the science and technology behind our Target Profiles here.

The key to success is making sure soft-skill data is used consistently to drive decisions throughout the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retention.
Aberdeen Group Research Report, Talent Analytics: Moving Beyond the Hype

We explain our data through intuitive visuals

At Talentoday, we recognize the importance of scalability. Our web application interface is simple and powerful, while our innovative and insightful charts have been specifically designed to be easily understandable by everybody, including those who may be less familiar with soft-skills or psychometrics.

Our technology can thus be quickly deployed across small organizations as well as large corporations. In addition, we have an online certification training available for professionals who want to enhance their ability to interpret the results of our soft-skill assessments and use our web application.

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